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Institute for Human Resource Management Education (IHRME)

  • Based in Scottsdale, AZ, USA, with offices in Europe (Hungary) and MENA (Abu Dhabi)
  • A corporation in good standing and is incorporated in the State of Arizona, USA.
  • Designs and produces onsite courses/workshops for Universities, Associations and consulting groups.

Research-based content. All programs have been developed on the latest available research materials, from highly regarded and published sources.

IHRME Inc. seminar topics cover basic and advanced human resource management practices, administrative practices, compensation, benefits and reward strategies, employee relations, recruitment and staffing, training and development, and global human resource management practices.

The knowledge domains selected for our seminars are based on the model developed by IHRME Inc. The content of our seminars reflect current core competencies as set out in a study on HRM practice by the World Federation of People Management (WFPMA).
IHRME Inc. works in close cooperation with an increasing number of National Professional bodies worldwide to ensure that our generic Certification programs address emerging issues in their locations. We pride ourselves on our ability to present relevant programs in a rapidly changing World.

We encourage the input of senior local National Professionals to improve the design and content of our Certification Programs. We also appreciate their active participation as members of our highly qualified Faculty. Through them we are able to address local issues whilst maintaining our generic materials.

IHRME Inc. will customize any of its products, specifically its Certification programs, to suit the requirements of National HR Associations.

Recently updated Certified Global Training Professional Certification (CGTDP) and also several new Certifications covering the role of the HR Associate plus programs relative to Recruitment Professionals are now available.

Members of the IHRME provider network can also custom design a program for you. Sponsorship and co-branding arrangements for organizations, colleges and universities, and professional associations are also available.

Detailed seminar schedule for the current year is available at Seminar Schedule. The Seminar Descriptions Section contains specific titles and content information.


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