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About Us

Effectively managing, motivating and developing people are key to organizational success. Organizations that succeed understand the value of employee commitment and contribution. Effective HR programs don't happen by accident. They are the result of carefully crafted strategic visions that recognize the value of human capital.


IHRME's consortium of educators and courseware providers can help organizations achieve their HRM goals.


IHRME's global network of seminar designers is drawn from the world's HRM thought leaders. IHRME resources provide the HRM profession with practical and applicable techniques and strategies that work.


The HRM profession is in a dynamic period of change these days. HR practitioners are called upon to be strategic business partners with increasing responsibility for organizational success.


IHRME resources can help your organization meet its tactical and strategic challenges. A commitment to quality
IHRME resources offer fully-integrated programs of study geared towards the global HRM profession. Its network can provide comprehensive, continuing professional education offerings that can be presented as traditional, instructor-led onsite seminars or online over the Internet. Effective training responds to preferred learning styles. Not everyone "learns" in the same way, hence, IHRME encourages the use of these format options. Click here for additional details about onsite options and online options.

The IHRME vision calls for making HRM education available to individuals, organizations and schools that is practical, current, and cost-effective and with a tangible return-on-investment.


The IHRME consortium provides access to the world's best and brightest HRM.

Resource options for companies Off-the-shelf provider seminars are available to organizations for inclusion in "in-house" training and development programs. If a pre-packaged seminar isn't quite right, IHRME resources can custom design a program for you. Some organizations find that one- or multi-day on site options work best.
Other organizations, especially those with a geographically dispersed workforce, find that offering an online seminar is better. Many organizations prefer to mix online and onsite options. For specific information on in-house resources, please e-mail us at: jsm@ihrme.org and/or contact our agents.


Institute for Human Resource Management Education Inc (IHRME) is


  • Based in Carefree, AZ, USA, with offices in Europe (Hungary) and MENA (Abu Dhabi) A corporation in good standing and is incorporated in the State of Arizona, USA Designs and produces onsite courses/workshops for Universities, Associations and Consulting groups.
  • Research-based content. All programs have been developed on the latest available Institute for Human Resource Management Education (IHRME) search, research materials, from highly regarded and published sources.
  • iHRME Inc seminar topics cover basic and advanced human resource management practices, administrative practices, compensation, benefits and reward strategies,
  • employee relations, recruiting and staffing, training and development, health, safety and security, and global human resource management practices.
  • The knowledge domains selected for our seminars are based on the model developed by iHRME Inc. The content of our seminars reflect current core competencies as defined in the recent World Federation of People Management (WFPMA) study on HRM practice.
  • iHRME Inc will customize any of its products, specifically its Certification programs, to suit the requirements of National HR Associations.
  • The exclusive general distributor for iHRME products is Capita-Global FZE based in the UAE and with offices in the USA, Europe and Australia.



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