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Competitive Advantage Through People

Programs Overview


In an increasingly competitive environment it is no surprise that global organizations are concerned with attracting, engaging and retaining their top employees. You know that your company’s compensation and benefit package is key to attracting, motivating, and retaining key employees and the key driver lies within your Rewards program. However, in today’s market, there is more than an attractive Rewards program. The issues of staffing people development advanced HR techniques is vital in ensuring that your company is well positioned to execute its business strategy and that the right employees are in the right place at the right time.


Our programs will demonstrate how to harmonize the challenge of delivering “A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work” so that the bottom line is enhanced while recognizing the contribution of people to organizational success. The axiom “Cash is King” is outdated given that people desire to enhance their skills in people management, as a result programs addressing with Staffing and Leadership development much desired programs allowing us to provide purpose designed programs in these specific areas.


Presents its generic Certification Programs


  • The Certified Professional in Human Resources and Compensation (CPHRC)
  • The Certified Global Compensation Professional (CGCP)
  • The Certified Global Staffing and Development Professional (CGSDP)
  • The Certified Global Training & Development Professional (CGTDP)
  • The Certified Global Training Professional (CGTP)
  • The Certified Global Human Resource Associate (CGHRA)



Our Certified Professional Programs are designed not only for HR professionals but also for those who have interest in working in the functional areas of HRM and those who aspire to management at any level in either the private or the public sector.

Senior practitioners who are recognized experts in the field of Human Resources, Remuneration, Training and Development have developed each certification. The courses are designed to address and convey leading edge practices in various areas of Human Resource Management and to help attendees gain a command of the relevant body of knowledge that has been defined by various global bodies including the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA), the world’s peak HR body. IHRME Inc has developed a competency model which reflects this defined body of knowledge and upon which each course in the program is wholly based.


Given the growing need for HR professionals in the World, the purpose of our Certification Programs is to provide professionals with learning experiences, concepts, skills and procedures that will help them in developing and leveraging human expertise and for improving both personal and organizational performance.



  • To inculcate an understanding of how HR contributes to the effectiveness of the organization as a whole;
  • To develop the practical skills necessary for employment in positions designed to encourage, develop and retain employees; 
  • To develop an appreciation of the theoretical and practical approaches to human resources management;
  • To reinforce sound management skills particularly in people management, self-awareness and communications;
  • To develop communications by using a series of practical skills acquisition activities and discussions that consider the value to the individual and their organization of networking, inter and intra team communications, personal presentation skills,  and the formal and informal communication exchange; 
  • To develop aspiring leaders with a strong sense of ethics and social responsibility and an awareness of how societal changes necessitate organizational change; and  
  • To acquire the skills and techniques of work system design and determination of rewards for employees; and to be able to assess future issues of relevance to human resource management

The curricula will emphasize critical thinking, creative problem solving and personal development to enhance the HR Professional’s performance in a dynamic, changing, culturally diverse and globally expanding work environment.

Who Should Attend?

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Compensation/Remuneration Professionals
  • Training & Development Professionals
  • Training Specialists
  • Workforce planning Professionals
  • Recruitment Professionals
  • Finance Managers or Directors 
  • Line Managers
  • Students pursuing a career in Human Resources


Certification Program Duration:


Public Course

  • The CPHRC Certification Program consists of four (4) courses; each course requires forty (40) contact hours. 
  • The CGCP & CGSDP Programs consist of two (2) courses; each course requires for forty (40) contact hours. 
  • The CGTDP, CGTP, CGRP and CGHRA consist of a single course of forty (40) contact hours. 

In-house Courses 

  • Classes may be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the client.

Dr. John Maxwell

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