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Seminar Descriptions
HRM seminars offered by IHRME consortium partners are available in a number of human resource knowledge domains.
IHRME encourages the use of delivery various format options - each designed to accommodate preferred learning styles and
sponsor specifications. Detailed descriptions of our recommended seminar formats are available by email to


Onsite Options: Onsite seminars are typically designed for single day training applications. One or more titles can often be combined for multi -day programs. Onsite provider seminars are presented in the traditional "face-to-face" classroom setting using PowerPoint visuals to guide the instruction. Providers are also encouraged to provide each attendee with a seminar manual to help organize the content and facilitate note-taking. Manual guidelines call for detailed content outlines, informational graphs and charts, quizzes, discussion questions, case studies and a reference and resource section.


The typical single-day provider seminar contains four modules of approximately 1.5 hours each. It begins with introductions at 8:30; Module 1 from 8:45 to 10:15; Module 2 from 10:30 to Noon; a lunch break; Module 3 from 1:15 to 2:45; and Module 4 from 3:00 to 4:30. Start times, adjournment time and break times can, of course, be adjusted to meet the sponsoring organization's schedule.

Two or more single-day seminars can be combined to provide multi-day packages designed to meet your organization's unique
needs. We encourage the use of "package pricing discounts" and the use of money-back, complete satisfaction guarantees.
For a listing of consortium offerings available to the general public, please visit our seminar schedule page.
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Seminar Registration


We appreciate your interest in the IHRME seminar provider network. Please contact your seminar provider directly for specific registration procedures.


Thank you again for your interest in attending a seminar provided by a member of the lHRME we look forward to your participation.


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